West End Heritage Experiences

roeddehouseSince it was first surveyed and branded as part of the City of New Liverpool in the latter half of the 19th century, Vancouver’s West End has evolved. It contains a mixture of distinctive building styles representing successive eras of development.

One of the priority Directions emerging from the City’s current planning process supports retention of surviving Heritage resources. In support of this Direction, and in co-operation with the City, Heritage Vancouver conducted a walking tour through the Nelson Slopes/Plateau section of the West End on Saturday 25 May 2013. The route includes a number of identifiable Heritage groupings or Districts. Some buildings are on the City’s Heritage Register, but few are protected. Many are not even on the Register, and at even greater risk.

The Walk starts at the Northwest corner of Nelson Park, and finishes at Roedde House Museum in Barclay Heritage Square.


Roedde House Museum Story
West End Heritage Walking Tour – PDF