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Transport yourself back to 1948 Vancouver

Vancouver-based visual artist Stan Douglas and the National Film Board Digital Studio co-created Circa 48, an immersive experience that takes users directly into the sights, sounds and headlines of the city back then.

The free iPad and iPhone app, which launched on April 14, 2014, allows users to navigate their own way through two locations that were vibrant at that time but no longer exist today: The ethnically diverse Hogan’s Alley on the east side, and the old Hotel Vancouver in the west end.

Along the way, they hear a jazzy soundtrack featuring Dizzy Gillespie as well as CBC radio newscasts from the time and conversations between characters, voiced by actors, that form a story inspired by true events at the time.

Explore the Circa 1948 experience

Source: Victoria Ahearn
Vancouver Sun, April 22, 2014